8 Easy & Inexpensive Ways To Up Your Curb Appeal

Here is a throwback (#tbt) to a great article we posted last year!

Curb appeal is so important… it’s what gives people a first impression of your home! If you’re thinking of selling, don’t under estimate the influence of the first impression on Buyers. And if not, why not make it a home you’re proud to show off! Either way, it can be easy and inexpensive to make a few small changes that will go a long way in making your home show the best it can.

Our team of White Rock Realtors have compiled a list of their favourite ways you can improve your homes’ curb appeal! 

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Often times the garage door is a large portion of a house that is visible from the street so it isn’t to be ignored. Be sure your garage door is clean and in good condition. Adding a wood stain is an easy way to freshen up the front of the door but you can also buy these fantastic metal accessories for around $10 and give your garage door the look of a barn door!

How charming is a house with window boxes? They seem to give the appearance of an idyllic, fairy tale home. And they’re so simple! Install a few and plant some hearty, low maintenance flowers or greenery! Just be sure to pull any dead plants at the end of the season so the boxes look neat and tidy during the winter. Or of course, they have nice artificial plants that will look great all year!

This really couldn’t be easier. Pick up some modern house numbers and replace the old. We also love the look of securing the new house numbers to a board painted in a fantastic accent colour so it really pops on the front of your house. Check out these other creative ideas for new house numbers on Pinterest.

The focal point of any home. This is a great place to add a splash of colour with a fresh coat of paint, or just be sure that the door is nice and clean. Try adding some mouldings to draw even more attention to the entryway and give the front door a dramatic feel.

Curb appeal doesn’t only count during the daylight hours… be sure your home is looking it’s best when the sun goes down as well! You can purchase these solar spotlights at most hardware stores and install them to highlight some key focal points like a beautiful tree or shrub.

Need to bring some life to the front yard? Get gardening! Plant colourful blooms around the base of a tree. Add some brightly coloured hanging baskets or one of our favourite looks is multiple containers of different heights and sizes and position them around your front porch. Get creative with succulents, cascading plants or grasses to create some interest.

Not maintaining a sidewalk or your driveway can make a home that would otherwise look great, look unkempt. If you don’t want to invest in repaving the driveway, consider a good sealant or coating to freshen it up. Be sure to remove weeds or grass growing in cracks. You can also get creative with the sidewalk or walkways in your yard and replace with stones or press leaves into wet concrete.

Edging always gives your home a very clean look. Whether you use stones, brick, landscaping ties, or rocks, the look will offer some interest and keep the lawn and garden areas clean and tidy.