Beautify Your Bedroom

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A rainy morning in White Rock makes it so hard to get out of bed. Of course, if you’re not loving your bedroom right now, maybe it’s not somewhere you would like to lounge on a dreary day. Maybe you just purchased your home and would like to make it your own or maybe it’s just time for an upgrade. If that’s the case, use the inside time to refresh your space! These tips are also very helpful if you’re looking to sell your home and you want to refresh and stage the master (or other) bedrooms. 

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The first and most important thing you can do is DECLUTTER. Remove anything that doesn’t absolutely need to be there. Remove pieces of furniture that don’t need to be there and end up being surfaces for more clutter. Limit your décor items to just a few pieces that you love. As they say, “cluttered space, cluttered mind” and that’s the last thing you want as you fall asleep at night. Creating the open space in your room will also make it look larger which is always good too, especially when it’s for sale!

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An outdated paint colour can make your room look dated, and while darker, warmer colours were very on trend a number of years ago, grey tones and bright/light colours are much more modern. They also offer the same benefit of making a space appear larger and brighter. If you’re staging your home, we highly recommend these colours as an quick way to update a space. If you are updating for yourself, you don’t have to go with anything that is trendy if it’s not your taste! A bedroom should be comfortable so choose something that makes you relaxed and happy. Neutrals are generally a safe bet.

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The focal point of any bedroom is (surprise, surprise) – the BED! It’s also where you spend a LARGE portion of your life… we think it’s worth investing in. Find a great mattress and a headboard that you can’t get enough of. High-count, good quality cotton sheets make a huge difference and they look better. We love white… it looks and feels like a luxury hotel. Find a duvet cover that will add to the room and then PILE ON THE PILLOWS. Good quality, comfortable pillows for sleeping and then throw pillows that tie everything together and again, ADD to the look of the room. This will make the space look super inviting. 

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After clearing out your space and cleaning up, theoretically there should be more visible floor space. Now dress it up! A nice rug isn’t only beautiful and a great way to add a personal touch but it’s also comfortable and warmer on your feet than hardwood or laminate floors. 

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Being able to balance lighting in your bedroom is one of the best things you can do. Black out blinds may be one of the best investments you ever make and now there are many attractive options that don’t let light in. In the evening, close them up and consider a dimmer-switch for any overhead lighting. And speaking of overhead lighting, here is another opportunity for a statement piece/focal point. Chandelier? Add some beautiful lamps to your side tables for cozy, ambient lighting. During the day, open those blinds and let the light shine in! Breezy, light and long drapes always look beautiful to frame a window. This is another great spot to add some character or a personal touch. 

While these tips are great for any of the situations you’d be upgrading a room for, be sure to keep things simple. You don’t want to work to de-clutter your room and then add too many different colours and patterns… that will only make the room appear cluttered again. Add some personal touches for your own space but if you’re selling your home, it’s best to remove a lot of the personal touches so your home shows clutter free and ready for anyone to fall in love with.

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