World Oceans Day 

White Rock Pier
How lucky are we to live where we do? The White Rock and South Surrey areas have so much to offer... shopping, restaurants, great schools and parks but I think many of us would agree that the best feature is our proximity to the beach and ocean. You can watch the waves from a restaurant patio while sipping a cold drink on White Rock Beach or build a sandcastle while on a picnic at Crescent Beach. The team at Westport Properties Inc. loves nothing more than a day out on the water. Let's not take it for granted.

Today is World Oceans Day - reminding everyone that we must care for our oceans the same way we try and preserve forest and parkland. Let's keep our neighbourhoods beautiful and clean so the next generations may enjoy it as much as we do! You may think it's difficult to have an impact on the future of our oceans but here are five easy things you can do to help save the ocean!

  1. Use Fewer Plastic Products - think reusable shopping bags and refilling a stainless steel water bottle.
  2. Choose Sustainable Seafood - We have the OceanWise program in Vancouver so it's easy to make better choices!
  3. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint - Walk or cycle and leave the car at home when you can!
  4. Take Care At The Beach - Always take everything with you. Be sure it's as clean (if not cleaner) when you leave.
  5. Educate Yourself - Learn all you can about how much we depend on the ocean and what you can do to have a better impact. Whether it's supporting ethical companies or organizing beach clean ups, we can all play a major part. 

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