5 Reasons To Sell Your Home With A Realtor

With a real estate market as crazy as the one we are in, it can be very tempting to sell your home yourself. See below how hiring a professional realtor can save you time, money, energy and a lot of headaches!

A Realtor knows how to price a home and how to ensure you get the most for your property. At Westport Properties Inc. we recommend updates and upgrades that could help you receive more money for your property. We also can suggest ways to ensure your home is in pristine showing condition, which items to remove and how to ensure it looks it’s best. 

Today’s market has gone beyond many people’s expectations. The rise we have seen in the last 15 months has been record breaking but is it the right time to sell? Do you know what you should be pricing your home at? Are you ready to purchase again? Are you confident you can get the best market value for your home? What improvements could be made? These are all things your Realtor can assist with. 

Have you asked yourself the question, what is my time worth? Most of us already struggle trying to keep balance between work, family, friends, kids and downtime, so why would you add more to your plate. 
When selling your home, there is a HUGE amount of paperwork to be looked after and being that these are binding legal documents, you need someone who understands the language and can properly explain content along with getting it all organized for you to just sign. 

Showing a home can be incredibly time consuming as well. Have your Realtor do the legwork, all you have to do is be sure your home is ready to be shown (ie: clean and clutter-free). They’ll field the phone calls, make the appointments and do the showings.

This also falls in line with the point above… do you have time to properly market your property? Westport Properties has a full time, dedicated marketing staff to create the best exposure for your home. Putting your property in front of a greater number of qualified buyers can also lead to a higher purchase price for you.

Realtors also have extensive professional networks of other realtors with pockets full of potential buyers, mortgage brokers, bankers, lenders, notaries and lawyers. 

Buying and selling a home is the biggest transaction most of us ever make and can cause a lot of stress/anxiety. Working with a professional who is there to answer your questions, provide guidance, take on the work-load, negotiate on your behalf, etc. removes a great deal of the stress. A Realtor will be there throughout every stage, including after the transaction is complete. You can rest easy knowing that you have a professional handling the contracts, negotiation and details surrounding the sale of your home. You can't put a price on that.

The team at Westport Properties Inc. would be happy to help you sell your home. Our magnificent team of White Rock / South Surrey Realtors and our marketing team always strive to exceed our clients’ expectations throughout the process of selling their home. Check out what our past clients have said about working with us on our Client Reviews page or reach out with any questions you may have on our Contact Us page. 

If you’re still wondering about whether or not it’s time to sell, you can always start with a no-obligation online home appraisal by visiting mywhiterockmarket.com