Best Hot Chocolate on White Rock Beach

It's a cold and wet afternoon and there are only three open coffee shops close to our office. Where is the best hot chocolate on White Rock beach? Somebody had to do the leg work and lucky for you, we did! We reviewed the hot chocolate from all three shops so you know where to go warm up after a walk at the beach this winter. We hope you enjoy this as much as we did!

Whitby's Coffee House - 14829 Marine Drive
Small Hot Chocolate =  $3.15
Friendly staff greet you as you walk in and many local are gathered for their afternoon coffee, despite the bad weather. It's a cozy spot where you can sit comfortably for hours talking with friends. (Hint: Don't lose track of time and forget your parking meter) The hot chocolate was warm and creamy, topped with real whip cream (which they ask if you want, and who can say no?). If you want to cut the richness, ask for no whip and a lower fat milk as they used whole milk by default. While we agreed that it was nice that it wasn't too sweet, we all also agreed that it wasn't very chocolate-y at all! It was stirred and there was some chocolate settled at the bottom as there often is, but throughout it lacked that chocolate flavour. More chocolate at that sweetness level would've made for an almost perfect cup! 

White Coffee and Ice Cream - 14909 Marine Drive
Small Hot Chocolate =  $3.31
Not the same cozy interior but if it's a sunny day and you're bundled up, this location has a great patio for people watching and is raised enough that you can enjoy a view of the water. This cup came out much hotter than the others which was lovely. They also use homo milk but we found it not as creamy as the first. Perhaps that is the lack of whip cream on this one. He did take the time to add the pretty leaf design in the foam and they used a dark chocolate syrup which gave it a richer chocolate flavour... delicious!

Spiritual Ingredients Bakery - 15505 Marine Drive (East Beach)
Small Hot Chocolate =  $4.81
Everything is homemade onsite with quality ingredients in this cute little bakery. There's not a lot of sitting room but there is a little play area for the kids while the adults can swoon over the adorable french macaroons in the display window. The hot chocolate here was $1.50 more than elsewhere but, as she explained to me, they don't use a syrup like other places, they use true melted chocolate mixed with the hot milk. And what a difference it made. Rich, hot, creamy and full of flavour. If you're walking the promenade during the winter and you're going to treat yourself, do it right. We LOVED this and will definitely be heading back to enjoy another cup!