White Rock Acreage

We are constantly in contact with acreage owners in the White Rock / South Surrey area. We hear the same concerns and questions over and over again.

Can my property be developed?
It is often not a simple answer and you need someone experienced to answer the question for you.

Who can I trust?
This is the bigger question. If you have people knocking on your door, chances are there is potential for your land to be developed, unless of course, it is simply off shore investment interest. How can you tell the difference?  Quite simply, you need someone you can trust.

We take care of our clients before, during and after any sale. 
Our reputation is everything to us and we will take care of you. We are always available to provide a thorough analysis of your property and to let you know who the most profitable buyer is for your property.

I have been told that a local White Rock Realtor can't get me the most money for my property...
We market to a global network as well as to local interest. The bottom line is, once your property is put on the public MLS, you are already going to attract a wide degree of International interest. We take it a step further by massively targeting the area specific to your property. It is not enough to have an out of town Realtor. This will not get you the most money for your property!  This is a myth.  To maximize profit,  properties need buzz and this is only generated through hard, intelligent work.

If you review our Seller section, you will see that we massively market. On top of this, we are on the phone constantly in order to generate leads for you. We challenge any Realtor to match the results we deliver. We don't believe in passive marketing and we work over 100 hours every week for our clients. Our clients stand behind our results, which are grounded in a tireless work ethic. Because of this,  we are the highest rated group in the White Rock / South Surrey area according to Google.

I would like to develop the property on my own so I can maximize profit but I don't know how.
Through our partnership with varied investors, we are able to accommodate this type of request. Through our combined experience, we are able to offer many solutions to achieving the highest possible market value for your property. There are numerous options open to property owners that have subdivision and / or development potential. Some of these options don't even require any investment. Many of our strategic partners / contacts have combined over 40 years of land assembly, development and project marketing experience. We will always try to create a solution for clients that is consumer based for their best possible outcome. We have found a niche by helping bridge the gap between property owners and developers.

I feel overwhelmed and I just need some advice without any pressure.
All of our clients will back us up on this. We never pressure anyone. We provide options and then we help our clients achieve solutions even if those solutions don't include us. Many times we talk our clients out of purchasing or selling. We take pride in offering our best advice whether it benefits us or not. We have never had a conflict of interest, because our only interest is leaving people better off than how we found them. 

Contact us below to see how you can consider both a creative and profitable solution to your real estate needs.

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